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Student Visa

Obtain your student visa for study abroad takes time, but may be a complex procedure and very to of visa policies countries. It is well worth the effort. In many countries, the number of visas issued by the United States has increased considerably during the last year.Even if the process of application for an international student or a visitor visa may be a source of confusion, hundreds of thousands of students can meet the requirements for a visa each year.

Skilled Migration

The Program of qualified migration aims to attract highly qualified people for the migration to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the European countries. It is the most common form of migration to Australia, Canada, and that is one of the main areas of expertise of Nation migration.

Business Migration

If you plan to establish an office in Australia, Canada, New Zealand who buys a business or who migrates to these countries as a business owner or investor, it is essential to obtain the advice of appropriate immigration in advance. Have a good strategy of immigration upfront can streamline the questions in a significant manner and ensure that you reach your objectives in the starting a business abroad. There are a variety of work visas that business people can obtain for themselves or their employees.

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I am happy to got my skilled migration to Australia as web developer, I found Nation Migration is very helpful in visa process and helping to get settle in Australia. I would strongly recommend any one for professional immigration service.

Asim Iqbal

I got my student visa I would strongly recommend future student to get professional services and course advice for you bright future from Nation Migration International

Rana Bilal

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Nation Migration International Australian immigration and student consultancy firm in Lahore Pakistan. (NMI) was established in 2001 Australia. Now it has the head office in Lahore of Pakistan. Keeping in view of the strong desires of Pakistani and other foreign national students to study in international academic institutions. (NMI) offered the services of foreign education consultancy which is aimed to help or facilitate admissions of these students to foreign institutions and visa services. NMI has done wonderful jobs since its early years by setting exemplary records of sending large number of students to foreign colleges/universities and immigrants to Australia, Canada New Zealand and European countries. Relying on the credibility, diligence, honesty, and dedication of NMI staffs and chief consultant Malik Waqas Saeed hard work the self-experienced Australian citizen and Australian Alumni, numerous foreign institutions conferred to NMI the status of sole representation in Pakistan. NMI is maintaining the high standards of accountability or responsibility as it goes through the years of service. It also arranges foreign tours from time to time for the purpose of enhancement of closer collaboration and better understanding with the administration of foreign academic institutions. It is staffed with highly skilled and qualified professionals. It had established many sub-offices across Pakistan. Its action plan is to arrange as many workshops and seminars normally attended by foreign dignitaries to create awareness in Pakistani students to study abroad. The good reputation of (NMI) has attracted the attention of many international colleges & universities which showed more confidence and trust in it. (NMI) being global is committed to providing the excellent service that anyone would ever expect.

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